Heineken and Krups have teamed up to create a sleek and compact home draft system. This black and chrome countertop appliance is called the BeerTender, and according to a recent press release it was designed exclusively for the Heineken DraughtKeg (and for the Heineken Premium Light DraughtKeg, for those of us who are trying to tone our beer bellies). Basically, it’s just a cooling system for people who don’t want to store their DraughtKeg in the fridge or in a bucket of ice—it doesn’t require CO2 cartridges because DraughtKegs come with them—but it does have some nifty features:

Krups engineering provides BeerTender with a quiet and efficient electronic cooling system that chills and holds an ideal serving temperature of 38°F. Selected models allow the consumer to adjust temperatures to 36°F, 39°F or 42°F to accommodate a user’s drinking preference. All models feature a temperature indicator that lets the consumer know when the beer is at optimum serving temperature as well as a unique volume indicator that displays the amount of beer left in the DraughtKeg.

The one drawback is that this kegerator only serves Heineken. In Gizmodo’s post about the BeerTender, one commenter makes a good point: “You can get [a] half-keg sized kegerator for a couple hundred extra dollars. Not only are you not limited to one brand of beer in that case, you are also awesome.”

Since it’s only 16 1/2 inches high, the BeerTender is probably not large enough to inspire keg stands, but it could make a good gift for a Heineken fan with free counter space. It’s available for $299.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

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