Can a special bag help keep your bread fresh? A Berkeley-based company swears it’s true. Bamboo-bags are made of—you guessed it—bamboo. The theory is that bamboo fiber is highly water-absorbent, and has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, so your bread remains spongy and mold-free.

Does it work? Pamela Hunter at personal blog Studio 707 says it does: “I was a little doubtful as I slipped my first freshly-baked loaf of Acme walnut bread into the bamboo bag, one day before heading off to New York for a week. But, when I returned, the bread hadn’t molded and still had sufficient integrity to give me my morning toast.”

And if it doesn’t, you’ll look cool anyway, peddling through the South of France with your Baguette Quiver slung messenger-style over your shoulder, am I right?

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