Coconut milk enhances savory dishes from Southeast Asia, India, Brazil, and the Caribbean. It’s a key component in some Thai and Indian curries and works very well with fish and seafood.

On the seafood side, Moqueca de peixe is a Brazilian fish stew with coconut milk, fish, shrimp, tomato, onions, and garlic, says ThereseTheFoodie, who calls it “awesome.” goodhealthgourmet says Shrimp Madras is “a great, easy recipe.”

Thai-style halibut with coconut curry broth is one of BeefeaterRocks‘s favorite recipes, while shanagain recommends this seafood gumbo with coconut milk.

Coconut rice is popular in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. boogiebaby makes coconut rice by replacing half the water used for cooking the rice with coconut milk (use a larger proportion of coconut milk if you like it richer, he says). amyzan thinks coconut rice is a great accompaniment to roasted or grilled fish or chicken. Becca Porter loves it as part of red beans and rice. Coconut milk is also used to make Jamaican rice and peas, says cajundave.

Niki in Dayton makes Thai-style creamed corn: Cut corn off the cob and sauté in butter. Add salt and pepper and 1 cup coconut milk per 2 cups of corn; stir in sliced Thai basil at the last minute.

Discuss: Your Favorite thing to make with coconut milk (savory please, no sweets)???

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