Xiao Yang has found excellent, reasonably priced merguez at Nour Halal Meats. Tuesdays they have freshly made lamb merguez; Wednesdays they make beef and chicken merguez. “The lamb merguez was perhaps a little lighter on the harissa than I like but otherwise was the right texture and nicely spiced,” he says. All versions are $3.99 a pound.

This is cheaper than Fatted Calf’s merguez. “Fatted Calf’s is good, but it’s $9 per pound and they ‘cheat’ by adding a little pork to the mix,” says Xiao Yang. You can find Fatted Calf at various farmers’ markets around town.

Nour Halal Meats and Market [Tenderloin]
476 Eddy Street, San Francisco

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