There has been much debate about whether or not a microwave belongs in a Chowhound’s kitchen, but fans of the appliance tend to sing the praises of Barbara Kafka, author of several books, including the New York Times bestseller Microwave Gourmet. Chowhound ozhead explains:

‘Microwave Gourmet’ has two sections: a bunch of actual recipes, and an alphabetical encyclopedia dealing with how to use the microwave oven to deal with a whole bunch of specific foods. The first section is about as useful as any cookbook, which is to say: not very, except as a springboard for ideas. The second section, however, is the reason my tattered copy of the book sits on top of the microwave oven and not on the shelves with the other cookbooks. It is invaluable.

And Chowhound Sherri adds, “The chapter on preserves & jams alone is an eye-opener.” Now, I can get my head around nuked jams and soups, but I’m skeptical about Kafka’s “perfect” microwaved trout. And I can’t imagine what kind of oddly textured baked goods one would end up with, if one were to, say, make peanut butter blondies in the microwave, as Kafka did in a recent video. But that said, I’ve made a few completely sane and successful recipes from Kafka’s Vegetable Love, so maybe I ought to give her microwave magic a chance. Has anybody tried any of her microwave recipes?

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