“Grilled cheese sandwiches in my house, growing up, were always done in the waffle iron,” says Florida Hound. “I never knew they weren’t always made that way across the world, until sometime in adulthood or the college cafeteria or something, and to this day, I think of a grilled cheese sandwich without the waffle indentations as weird and second-rate. (On the waffler—magnificent!)”

“That’s EXACTLY how my mom made grilled cheese when I was a child,” says Darlin. “Her waffle iron had the option of using the flat plates, but she always kept the original waffle style plates intact. A grilled cheese with a glass of chocolate milk was my Saturday lunch at noon while watching Sky King. Thanks for the flashback!!!”

A regular waffle iron is better for this trick than a Belgian waffle maker. The deep indentations on the Belgian machine might be a bit much, says Florida Hound. While you’re at it, try using your waffle iron for brownies, muffins, and hash browns.

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