There are already video games for kids who dream of being in a rock band, who fantasize about rescuing princesses, and even for those of us who enjoy the virtual preparation of gyoza and dumplings. Finally, there’s going to be a video game for all the Takeru Kobayashi wannabes out there: Major League Eating: The Game will be available for Wii on May 12.

Bill Swartz of Mastiff, the game’s publisher, shared his excitement about the new game with gaming site Gamasutra:

Watching Major League Eating is like watching poetry in motion. Professional gurgitators have the grace of ballerinas yet the brute strength, mental focus, and intestinal fortitude to push their bodies and minds as hard as athletes in any other extreme endurance sport. Victory is sweet and defeat can be well, really, really messy. It’s an experience we’re proud to help bring into the home.

“Professional gurgitators have the grace of ballerinas”? Amazing. But I’m just hoping that the final challenge of the game involves a Man vs. Beast–style competition, in which the human contestant has to eat faster than a giant bear. In real life (or at least on reality TV), even Kobayashi couldn’t outeat a Kodiak.

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