A well-seasoned pork shoulder, roasted at superlow heat for a superlong time until its meat falls from the bone, is delicious. And since a pork shoulder is a big hunk of meat, you’ll have plenty to feed a crowd, or to freeze and enjoy later.

Nyleve’s method is to trim the skin off the shoulder, leaving a thin layer of fat on the surface, then rub generously with her favorite dry rub (adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe), and refrigerate overnight. Roast at 250°F for 10 to 12 hours, until the meat is “falling apart tender.” Leftovers can be used in pulled-pork sandwiches. Norm Man suggests leaving the skin on, for “tasty crunchy cracklings.”

Other hounds offer additional ideas for seasoning pork shoulder for roasting: adobo sauce; rubbing with a paste made of garlic, ginger, crushed chiles, oil, and rice vinegar; and covering and surrounding the pork with halved large green chiles, halved onions, and whole garlic cloves (then serving the pulled pork with corn tortillas and condiments).

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