In the next installment of its somewhat confounding “Meet the Bloggers” series, the UK Guardian hits New York and—because someone thought up this damn story and these virtual column inches aren’t filling themselves—challenges Eater, Grub Street, and Midtown Lunch to a high noon spork duel. The task: “Let’s go somewhere a little off the beaten track, somewhere with a bit of a story, good food, maximum budget $15.” Crazy!

Eater’s Amanda Kludt takes the Guardian to barbecue at Fette Sau in Williamsburg; Grub Street’s Josh Ozersky, photographed looking vaguely resentful at being caught in someone else’s story concept, chooses corner deli Just Delicious; and Zach Brooks at Midtown Lunch opts for El Sabroso, a Peruvian counter in the freight entrance of an office building. The winner? “El Sabroso is what foodie blog content is all about—really good food with a cultural angle, off the beaten track, and with a quirky situational twist.”

There you have it, kids: Do the situational twist. This whole food-blog thing might catch on or something.

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