The plucky little Alaskan town of Wasilla has already given us Sarah Palin. So you might say—please, Wasilla. You’ve contributed the best you have to offer. You’ve changed the national discourse forever. Take a rest. But no, the town keeps on plucking forward, offering up smoked-salmon-flavored vodka. “Madness” and “drunkenness” were cited as factors in the new vodka’s heave-bucket-assisted development process, which seems about right. It took 48 attempts to hit the right notes, a series of efforts that involved a complicated and somewhat revolting process of marrying (real) fish to booze.

Salmon vodka joins the ranks of its extreme-flavored brethren, which now—for good or ill—include Dutch caramel, garlic, and glow-in-the-dark melon spirits.

Oh, come now. Squeeze of lime not good enough for you people?

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