It always amazes me what a waste single-use chopsticks are. Now that we’ve done away with the plastic bag (almost!), perhaps ecoeaters can turn their attention to these little splintery wastes of wood. I’ve started bringing my own pair when dining out at Asian restaurants. And I’m not the only one thinking about this: Last week while visiting Ecohome Improvement I found this really cool folding basket made of recycled chopsticks. Kwytza Kraft collects used chopsticks, cleans and sanitizes them (the chopsticks look and feel as if they’ve never been handled), and creates household items like place mats, trivets, even lamps out of them. And though the company is making only a small dent in the billions of chopsticks thrown out yearly, it’s the first step I’ve seen that raises awareness of this pocket of waste.

Kwytza Kraft Folding Basket, $15–$24

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