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CHOW Tour Approaches, Anticipation Rises!

Lessley and I are a couple of days away from officially embarking on the CHOW Tour: The trip starts July 1. We’ve been organizing and planning for weeks, and the anticipation is high. Let’s get this tour on the road already!

During the next three weeks, we’ll be exploring San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York for this edition of the CHOW Tour. (Past installments include Chowhound founder Jim Leff’s OG tour.) Our goal is to seek out innovation, a vague term if ever there was one. Three weeks of eating seems like a pretty straightforward (and plum) assignment, but narrowing down those food-obsessed cities into one week’s worth of dining each is quite a challenge. (Yeah, pity us.) We’ve talked to friends and co-workers, read up on reviews in other publications like LA Weekly and New York magazine, and scoured the Chowhound boards. It has all netted some really great recommendations, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes up on the fly. (And escaping the CHOW cube farm to roam free.)

About that innovation thing: We’re not just going to cover spherified kumquat juice and other molecular gastronomy tricks (though they will have a place). We’ve had some interesting debates about whether certain places qualify as innovative, and the bottom line seems to be that there are tons of ways people are getting creative with food right now, from mashing up different cuisines to handing out free vegetables at a farm stand so low-income people have access to organic produce. And others seem to be finding ways to present old dishes in a way that gives them new life.

Above all, we want to go places with great food, and we’re getting a lot of Chowhound help on that. The conversations about the CHOW Tour on the SF, LA, Manhattan, and Outer Boroughs boards have been fun and full of great tips. And we want to keep that discussion going as we travel. If you have a favorite spot we should be covering, please post a comment or send a tweet our way. We’ll be reading everything and trying to hit the spots you recommend. And probably sending out desperate cries for help now and then, too.

Thanks and stay tuned for round one, starting Thursday: San Francisco. We’ll be posting reports, videos, and photos of the places we check out right here each day, and sending lots of tweets in between (you can follow along with us at @roxanne_chow and @lessleyanderson).