Inspired by the Kogi truck, there is now the brand-new Kalbi Burger. The eponymous house specialty is made from a 50/50 mix of ground chuck and kalbi, in a kalbi barbecue sauce. It’s a very likable, richly flavored burger, with the distinct taste of kalbi in every bite, says sku.

Also available: the Seoul burger, made from ground chuck and sautéed kimchee. “All of the burgers had good flavor, good use of condiments and a homemade-style bun that stood up nicely,” says sku. There are also salt and vinegar fries, fried to a crisp, golden brown, with a subtle malt vinegar flavor and the perfect amount of sea salt.

Kalbi’s not in competition for the best-burger-in-the-city crown, says sku, but it’s a great neighborhood spot that he’ll be visiting again.

Kalbi Burger [Koreatown]
4001 Wilshire Boulevard, Unit E, Los Angeles

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