In an unusual—and possibly unique—case of airline food being generally acclaimed and achieving wider distribution, the warm cookies served aboard Midwest Airlines flights are being sold (in dough form) at grocery stores. According to the Kansas City Business Journal, Hen House Markets in Milwaukee and Kansas City have begun selling the chocolate chip cookie dough “packaged as 32 individual ready-to-bake, 1-ounce cookies.”

If you’ve never flown Midwest Airlines before, it’s actually kind of pleasant. The seats are wide and comfortable, the ticket agents are kind and patient, and—famously—passengers are served a warm chocolate chip cookie during the flight.

Context is the one thing that may throw a crimp into the plan for taking the cookies from the air to the consumer’s home: A warm chocolate cookie on an airplane is a divine respite, but on the ground, it’s just another calorific snack.

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