Overheard on the New York Boards

"Definitely great value for $25! I had the squid salad that was very tender and flavorful (delicate rings of squid accompanied by fish sauce, cilantro, scallions and pearl onions). I also had the steak frites (4 thick slices of very beefy-flavored medium rare steak and rice fries—delicious!). Dessert was a 'taste' of cereal milk panna cotta and crack pie. I also had the pork spring roll that was very light (not fried); there were good sized chunks of very tender pork." – ellenost on the prix fixe lunch at Má Pêche

"Best bolognese and homemade pasta (orecchiette) I've had since I was in Italy. And their salad with fresh berries, tomatoes, walnuts and honey vinaigrette was heavenly. All in all fresh, creative and authentic Italian." – Meg on Il Punto

"We visited the original incarnation a couple of years ago, and liked it but didn't find it revolutionary. Went again a month ago ... and it blew. Our. Minds. ... While the lamb dishes had formerly been excellent, now the same level of detail seems to have been paid to everything on the menu, from the hummus to the kibbeh to the arabic salad to the knafeh. Dear lord, try the knafeh." – cjd260 on Tanoreen

"One of their roast pork buns and a cup of java (with cream) was a passport to paradise. And the hugest coffee urns and convivial atmosphere with so many local residents enjoying a coffee break. ... What a price we pay for 'development.'" – iraperelson on Chatham Restaurant, closed this month

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