They don’t make ’em like they used to. A slideshow of vintage World War II–era Ministry of Food posters from London’s Imperial War Museum is a model for graphic designers from any era. Propaganda in the best possible sense, these posters are bright, clear, concise, and memorable.

A winking pig backs up the message of “We Want Your Kitchen Waste”; the graphic impact of “Use Spades, Not Ships” is clear, simple, and arresting; and a colorful shovel makes the volunteer rural labor message of “Lend a Hand on the Land” seem like a pleasant country diversion, rather than the tiring pain in the ass it must have in fact been. (The euphemism of choice was, apparently, “farming holiday camp.”)

All in all, manna from heaven for lovers of good graphic design, and nostalgia-inducing catnip for those who fondly remember—or imagine—an era when people worked together for a cause that transcended personal interest.

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