Super Duper Burgers is fast food with a pedigree—the burgers feature Niman Ranch beef—but without any gourmet pretensions. A no-frills burger starts at $3.75. balabanian raves about the cheeseburger—“perfectly cooked, juicy, great proportion of meat to bun to dressings”—and the thin, crispy fries.

Absonot really likes the chicken burger, especially with the chipotle sauce. There’s Racer 5 beer on tap, and a nicer selection of desserts than at, say, In-N-Out. Strawberry shakes are made with fresh strawberries, and you can get Strauss Creamery soft-serve ice cream in a chocolate-dipped cone. A little more unusual is the sundae with chocolate chip cookies and bacon.

Super Duper Burgers [Castro]
2304 Market Street, San Francisco

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