I’ve been getting my culinary Peeping Tom urges satisfied this past month at the Perfect Pantry, cooking teacher Lydia Walshin’s blog. For two years, Lydia has been exploring the contents of her own pantry, spice by seasoning by sauce, and is now inviting other bloggers to share photos of their cooking and food storage space in a series called Other People’s Pantries. I have to admit, it’s pretty fascinating.

Each Saturday, Lydia posts a series of photos showcasing the pantry and cupboard of a different blogger. From the tropical-looking kitchen behind Coconut & Lime to the Madrid kitchen of Ximena of Lobstersquad and Lydia’s own cozy log cabin kitchen, the variety and happy clutter are charming. These pantries may not be perfectly matching or ordered (is anyone’s spice collection, ever?) but they’re wonderfully real and homey.

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