Thien Long is fantastic, an overwhelming barrage of vibrant, seductive food, says Carb Lover.

The highlight of the meal is cha ca, says RWCFoodie. “The fish was succulent and flavorful with no ‘off’ flavors.” Chim nuong—grilled, butterflied quail—is the best version RWCFoodie has ever had. So many places overcook their birds to desiccation, but not here. This quail is “truly delicious,” says David Wishart, with a sweet, smoky flavor.

There’s a great seafood hot pot. It is a shockingly good bargain, with tons of seafood. One order costs $20 and could easily feed two.

Thien Long is run by the folks who used to run Pho Thien Long. This new place is larger, with spacious tables, comfy chairs, and lots of natural light. The menu’s bigger, too.

Thien Long Restaurant [South Bay]
3005 Silver Creek Road, San Jose

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