Anthony Bourdain’s been getting a lot of flak for his Travel Channel “in high-definition” ad, which appeared in trade magazines and shows him crouched in Iceland’s steaming Blue Lagoon. Next to Bourdain’s 51-year-old face is the line, “Some things are meant for HD.” Oh, baby, that’s just asking for a riposte—and, of course, the bloggers have ’em. “Like the image of a hirsute Tom Colicchio, we find it discomfiting,” says New York mag’s Back of the House blog. “Presumably, if you have a hi-def TV, you’ll be able to see more of Bourdain than you’d ever want.” And asks Gridskipper (who’s apparently on a first-name basis with Bourdain): “What the hell was Tony thinking?”

What indeed, asks “Tony” himself, who responded on his Travel Channel blog:

[The ad shows an] old photo of yours truly—after a horrifying night of drinking in Iceland, huddled, near naked in the Blue Lagoon, pondering whether to throw up or simply sink beneath the surface and die.

Is this enticing? Does this make ANYONE—even longtime convicts—feel compelled to tune in? Some Things May Indeed Be Better in HD. My puffy, drink ravaged face and 51 year old naked torso would NOT be one of them. With all the beautiful places we’ve been on the show, THIS is an example of the glories of hi-def? Apparently, the price of crack must have dropped near HQ. There’s no other excuse for this shameful display of ugliness. What tiny, deeply disturbed demo were they trying to appeal to here? German Scat Porn websites likely attract greater numbers.

This is a brilliant bit of self-effacement on Bourdain’s part. What can we all do now but coo, “Oh, it’s not that bad! Here, have a towel.”

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