Does truffle oil belong on sushi? Only as a novelty, says la2tokyo. “Over time I have eaten what is probably almost every possible condiment that exists for sushi,” says la2tokyo. “If there are any condiments that I haven’t tried I have no desire to try them. IMHO, anything other than soy, salt, tare (thickened sweet sauce), and salt+lemon (on rare occasions) is just a novelty, and ultimately loses its appeal once you’ve had it a few times.”

“There is nothing that can compete with the traditional neta (toppings) if they are truly top quality,” says la2tokyo. “Novelties can provide some fun as a distraction for a little while, but things like the best Ohma blue fin tuna have a complexity that is unmatched by anything a chef can create, and that is why the best sushi bars in Japan all serve relatively simple sushi.”

J.L. thinks there are virtues to both. “I do enjoy Edo-style sushi, but living in a progressive, creative (& hedonistic) city like L.A., I also very much like to try the fusion creations from certain gifted itamae (Ken-san from Kiriko comes to mind),” says J.L. “The bottom line is: If the combination tastes great to you, then enjoy! As with any art, there will always be a camp for the ‘purists’ and a camp for the ‘avant garde.’ Food is no different. Without experimentation, there would be no forward progress.”

Discuss: Does Truffle Oil Belong on My Sushi?

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