The food cart trend continues to spread: The managers of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway announced this month that food trucks will be opening on the Greenway, with hopes that more people will visit and linger.

Early reports have centered on three spots. The first is Andale Express, an offshoot of Andale Mexican Grill downtown. Like its storefront restaurant, Andale Express offers tacos and burritos plus the choripan, an Argentine chorizo sandwich with chimichurri. “Tasty, but too small,” complains spicyivan.

The second is the horribly named Beantown Franks ’n Spuds, purveyors of lovely dogs: “$3 for a jumbo dog ($2 for regular), with a clearly homemade dill relish (my favorite kind, and it’s oddly rare around here … most serve sweet, blech), and onion (they used green onion for this, a very pleasant surprise),” says devilham approvingly.

The final early fave is a Clover Food Truck, a sister to the Clover in Cambridge. Word is that the truck is already turning out quality vegetarian fare. nsenada says that “the chickpea fritters were great—sort of a cross between a crunchy beignet and falafel. Everything is obviously quite fresh and homemade, including the pickles and cabbage (or was the purple stuff radish or turnip? It went down the hatch so quickly I couldn’t tell). Rosemary fries were excellent, hot out of the fryer.”

Andale Express [The Waterfront]
Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston
857-225 2521

Beantown Franks ’n Spuds [The Waterfront]
Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston
No phone available

Clover Food Truck [The Waterfront]
Dewey Square, Boston
No phone available

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