In Mexico and the southwestern United States, grilled or roasted corn is available freshly cooked by street vendors. This delicious concoction is also available off the cob, in a convenient bowl preparation—kind of a deconstructed version of the original, says dude.

A bowl of corn kernels (there is debate as to whether they’re fresh or canned) is topped with a hefty dollop of mayonnaise, a few tablespoons of queso seco or Cotijo cheese, chili powder, and a squirt of butter substitute (kare_raisu says that stuff is Parkay).

This preparation is known in Mexico as elote en vaso, or corn in a cup, says Eat_Nopal. In Mexico, the corn is usually taken off the grill and shucked in front of you, but in Los Angeles in February, the vendors scoop the corn out of big pots and then squirt on the toppings.

How is it? mollyomormon likes it, but finds that the mayo makes it too rich to eat a lot of.

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