Gourmet Live.

Eight months after its demise at the hands of the cost-cutting Condé Nast group, the widely beloved Gourmet magazine may be back. Sort of. DailyFinance reports that the comeback would arrive “in the form of Gourmet Live, a ‘digital content product’ developed for use on the iPad and other mobile devices.”

The most interesting thing about the free app (which will include some options for paid content) is that by reading articles, users can accumulate points that can be spent to unlock more content.

Unsaid in the article is to what extent the Gourmet app will feature the writers, editors, back catalog, and overall tone that made the magazine the institution that it was.

AppScout notes that the magazine’s former management won’t be coming back, and cites Ruth Reichl expressing pessimism via a tweet: “They’re reviving the brand, not the magazine. Pity.”

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