Yet another recipe aggregator has arrived on the scene, this time cutely named Yummly, which has over half a million recipes compiled from Epicurious, the Food Network, RecipeZaar, Martha Stewart, CHOW, and other websites. Users can filter through multiple criteria, including food, course, diet, price, nutrition, and source. If you’re an “ovo vegetarian” who’s had problems searching other recipe sites, wait no longer. For those of us who want ever more virtual friends whom we can creepily stalk but never meet, you can now have TasteBuds! (Get it? Awww.) These fellow users create profiles including information about cooking skill/experience and their food likes/dislikes. If “bakergirl” tends to make food you like, you can choose to share recipes with her.

While we like the idea, the execution still needs a little work. The home page is cluttered and filled with irrelevant information (who cares what photos have been posted recently when you’re looking for a good chicken recipe?), the pictures linked to specific recipes are sometimes way off base (for a “cheeseburger” recipe from RecipeZaar, you’re confronted with a picture of what looks to be a lovely salad of fresh tomatoes, surrounded by sliced baguette), and the “taste” feature is sometimes a bit off. CHOW’s Cinnamon Syrup has no salt in it, yet is marked as being slightly salty, and Epicurious’s chocolate-toffee cookies are definitely not 100 percent bitter.

But kudos for the name TasteBuds. Seriously. Adorable.

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