Meytex, one of New York’s very few Ghanaian restaurants, has been around for a few years, but for some reason mostly under hound radar. Peter Cherches sure can’t see why. He ranks it in the same league as Florence’s in Harlem, a board favorite for West African chow.

Especially good, Peter says, are peanut soup with goat, whole tilapia with spicy rub, and a rich, smoky stew of spinach thickened with ground seeds from the squashlike egusi. More stews (chicken, fish, okra, goat, oxtail), soups (okra, pepper with beef, palm with fish or meat, peanut with various fishes), and starchy mashes (corn, rice, cassava) round out the menu.

Anyone who was put off by the old, divey, dark-windowed exterior—which belied the friendly vibe inside, by the way—should know that the place received a face-lift sometime in the fall, and a new name as well. What was once Meytex Lounge is now the more wholesome-sounding Meytex Café.

Meytex Café [Prospect-Lefferts Gardens]
543 Flatbush Avenue (between Lincoln Road and Maple Street), Brooklyn

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