Farmers’ markets are hip these days, and like any trend there are wannabes and impostors. A British ad campaign for the new market at St Pancras Station has come under fire for calling the location a farmers’ market. Apparently St Pancras didn’t match up to the standards set for farmers’ markets by the National Farmers’ Retail and Markets Association (FARMA), according to the UK Guardian. Opponents argue that the FARMA program certifying markets is voluntary, and anyone has the right to use the term.

But there are certain expectations on the part of consumers when they hear the term farmers’ market (as in: The man I buy my potatoes from did actually have something to do with growing them; they were grown somewhat locally; and I’m not being robbed blind for the same spuds that are available at the supermarket down the street for half the price). As such, having some sort of certifying program is crucial, in my opinion.

In this case, as the market has not yet opened and nobody knows who will be running it and what sort of standards it will adhere to, the ads were deemed misleading.

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