Here’s something that’s likely to be both the saddest and sweetest thing you read all week: a farewell from a food critic to his faithful canine sidekick.

Tim Carman, writing for the Washington City Paper, manages to fondly recall his dog, Coltrane, without getting maudlin, which makes for a hell of an engaging obituary. Here he waxes on about one of his dog’s finest features:

“That was part of Coltrane’s charm: He had 200 million more scent receptors than either Carrie or I, enough to find a mouse in a one-acre field in a minute, but he didn’t give a damn if the mouse was dead, alive, or deboned, braised, and paired with a port-wine reduction.”

And the story’s a good read even without the bullet-pointed list of various crazy things Coltrane ate … which should probably ring some sympathetic bells among dog owners.

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