Chowhounds don’t stick to traditional burger buns for their homemade creations. They do, of course, gravitate to other buns and rolls, such as kaiser or ciabatta rolls or brioche buns. Toasted English muffins are a classic, and many use other kinds of bread as well.

Several hounds are fans of griddled Texas toast, which is extra-thick-cut white bread. Here’s a special method one developed: First FoodFuser trims the crusts, then coats one side thinly with mayonnaise, sprinkles on sesame seeds, and toasts in a cast iron pan. The other side gets toasted dry and used as the inside of the souped-up bun. Texas toast freezes well, FoodFuser says, “where regular buns lose their upper surface texture. You can get full use of the entire loaf.”

Rye bread is traditional for patty melts, but hounds like all kinds of burgers on toasted rye. iluvtennis recommends buttered, broiled jalapeño-cheese bread, and onceadaylily says, “Garlic bread burgers are amazing, and so sinful.” newfie29 likes chili burgers in pita, saying it “keeps everything in one gooey place–divine.”

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