The Manila Machine is the first Filipino food truck that we’ve heard of, and it turns out that it’s pretty great. Dommy’s favorite item: sausage pan de sal sliders. The sausages are a bit dry, but utterly delicious, and they’re perfectly matched with arugula and condiments, all stacked inside a wonderfully soft pan de sal bun.

The beef tapa slider is almost as good, says Jase, with nicely seasoned beef. “With about half as much mayo, it’d be perfect,” he says. But Jase’s absolute favorite was a dessert: turon. It was well-fried and ungreasy, with a drizzle of caramel.

Their leche flan is spot on, with plenty of caramel and good texture, says Dommy. Their pork adobo is a bit dull, though.

The Manila Machine
Locations available through their website.

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