Torafuku is an oddball in Los Angeles—an expensive Japanese restaurant specializing in rice. Every dish there is designed to bring out the flavor of the rice. Some folks think it’s overpriced and ridiculous, others think it’s excellent, unique, and one of the few places in Los Angeles to sample a refined, ultra-traditional style of Japanese cooking.

“The rice is good—I think if … you’ve spent time in Japan enjoying high-quality Japanese-style rice that has been prepared this way (it’s becoming far less common), this experience will be hard to find elsewhere,” explains bulavinaka. “Like a Frenchman can tweak out the nuances of a fine Bordeaux, a Japanese salaryman (before he’s too drunk) can tell of the perfect steaminess, subtle sweetness, and toastiness that is brought out in each plump grain of rice worked from a kamado.”

The chef and the menu are both new and much improved. “I too, was disappointed on my visit 2 years ago. BUT I just went back last night to Torafuku on a lark, and was very pleasantly surprised. Try it again,” suggests J.L.

Torafuku [Westside – Inland]
10914 West Pico Boulevard

Discuss: Torofaku (not to be confused with Totoraku) on Pico, right next door to Jaipur.

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