The new Gujerati thali at Samosa House in Culver City is unexpectedly good. It’s not the most authentic of restaurants, say Moomin. “That said, it’s generally as good as we can get on this side of town. Their menu is sort-of Indian-by-way-of-Leicester-if-your-clientele-was-primarily-vegan. And for all that, it’s pretty tasty.”

But they’ve been serving up a Gujerati thali that’s really surprisingly legit. “It was distinctly Gujerati. Oily, sweet, salty, and hot. It featured a terrific soup, excellent sprouted daal, two complex, sweet, spicy varieties of shaak, and the aforementioned bhatura and halwa.”

“Is it the sort of thing that kills the craving for a trip to Mumbai? No. But it might save you a trip to Artesia,” says Moomin. It’s available at the original Samosa House location, where the family matriarch seems to be spending her cooking time these days.

Samosa House [Westside – Inland]
11510 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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