Brookline’s Sichuan Gourmet and Sichuan Garden. Both in the same town. Both serving Sichuan. Both beloved. Dear God, which one do you choose? Depends on what you’re in the mood to order. Here’s what’s best at each:

Sichuan Gourmet:
• Dan dan noodles
• Ma pa tofu
• Cold Sichuan noodles with chile-peanut sauce
• Any of the cumin dishes: cumin beef, cumin lamb, etc.

Sichuan Garden:
• Soups, particularly beef soup with noodles
• Rabbit in chile
• Chongqing chicken, dry-fried chicken with chile, found on the specials menu. Avoid the Chengdu chicken on the regular menu.
• Cauldron of spicy fish

And stick to the Sichuan dishes at both places. The Americanized Chinese food is terrible.

Sichuan Garden [South Shore]
295 Washington Street, Brookline

Sichuan Gourmet [South Shore]
1004 Beacon Street, Brookline

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