Frozen nondairy desserts like Tofutti are certainly delicious and worth indulging in, but they’d never be mistaken for ice cream with that “I’m a soy-based product” flavor. Now arrives a new contender: Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream (yes, they call it ice cream even though it contains no dairy). It comes in a multitude of flavors, which frequently change; I tried chocolate chip (good but would’ve been great had the chocolate chips not been dry and crumbly), pumpkin (nice blast of spice up front that then lingered way too long, leaving an unpleasant, chemically aftertaste), and my favorite, peanut butter (a sweet-salty combo).

A couple of fellow tasters found the consistency to be gummy, but I thought Wheeler’s creamy texture approximated ice cream better than other products out there. Also, the company custom-designs flavors, so you can order something special for yourself. And if you’re lucky they might even send you a free pint. Every day they pick an email from their in-box and send that person free ice cream.

Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream, $4 to $10 per pint

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