When the dreary winter weather brings me down, I find myself ordering plants that will bear miniature “Fairy Tale” eggplants and embellishing chocolate-dipped cookies with rainbow sprinkles. Apparently, I’m not the only one who is dreaming of adorable edibles.

Bakerella recently switched up her red velvet cake balls recipe to create these supercute cake lollipops. Meanwhile, Not Martha gave the cute treatment to her favorite pork product, fashioning bacon strips into sweet little curls. One reader suggested serving bacon to kids this way, perhaps “as curly hair on an omelette face.” (Raising one’s cholesterol never seemed so delightful!) Over at Ideas in Food’s experimental kitchen, they’ve developed a fluffy and lovely false egg and plopped it on a “beautiful rib eye cap” to make the prettiest steak and eggs ever.

On Gourmet’s blog, John T. Edge talks about buying dates for his wife, who wanted to re-create a date-nut bread that she’d sampled in New York City. Unfortunately, these dates were not that cute:

I ordered a box of jumbo medjools, raised out in the Arizona desert, somewhere between Yuma and Gila Bend.

Blair was nonplussed. She said the dates I ordered were so big and bronze-brown colored that they looked like cockroaches. (My son, age six, heard her and hasn’t eaten a date since.)

Despite the unsightly ingredients of his wife’s creation, Edge raves about it: “the damn bread is just about perfect.”

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