Although the Oscar-nominated film There Will Be Blood, which I confess I haven’t seen, doesn’t seem lighthearted enough to have spawned a “more cowbell” moment, it turns out to be the progenitor of the catch phrase of the moment: “I drink your milkshake.”

However, as you will hear for yourself if you go to (yes, a sound clip will play if you click on that), you can’t just say, “I drink your milkshake.” You must say, “I … drink … yourrrr … MILKSHAKE! Slluuuuurp. I drink it up!” The scene comes toward the end of the film (warning: Some may consider watching the scene a spoiler), when Daniel Day-Lewis, hobbled and mad, pronounces it with what Guardian UK blogger Killian Fox calls “the sort of all-dials-up-to-10 theatrical exuberance we haven’t heard since Anthony Hopkins went overboard with Hannibal Lecter.” Want proof the phrase is a phenomenon? It’s become a cell phone ringtone, and has inspired a mash-up with Kelis’s song “Milkshake.”

If you plan to employ the phrase, New York magazine begs you to establish some rules of usage, and not just bandy your milkshake about willy-nilly. Otherwise, you may soon find others replying, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

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