You know what they say: Big pants … big star! And in the world of advertising pitchmen, Jared Fogle is one of the biggest—even if the brand he shills for sometimes wishes he’d just go away.

Jared has been the face of Subway for 10 years now, an eternity in an age of one-ad wonders like Clara Peller or the Taco Bell dog. Advertising Age celebrates a decade of Jared Fogle with a retrospective look at “what makes him such a sub-sandwich Svengali.”

Because even though there are allegations that he was his campus’s porn king and he’s won hatred from the gaming community for blaming his obesity on Nintendo, Fogle continues to be, according to the Ad Age article, the secret to Subway’s success, despite the fact that the ad agencies that have handled the Subway account over the years “were dragged kicking and screaming into [using Jared].” After all, he can only pitch the company’s lower-fat offerings. But how do you dump a guy who could be responsible for doubling your company’s revenue? As the article notes, “Subway keeps trying to get off its diet of Jared, but it just can’t quit him.”

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