“I’m not a fan of most morning buns, even La Farine’s. Morning buns are usually too something … crispy, sweet, sugared, intense,” says rworange. But she’s finally found the perfect morning bun for her taste, at Hopkins Street Bakery. It’s a very balanced bun—soft yet flaky, yeasty, and with “a delicate dusting of sugar and cinnamon.” You can get it with or without cranberries, and with or without heat. All variations are wonderful.

Some folks don’t like the bombolini, but meemster loves ’em. They’re very fresh tasting, with spongy doughnut dough and tender custard. Also great: pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips.

“I love Hopkins–I think there’s something about the combination of the aroma and the old-fashioned screen door that always takes me back to the bakery of my childhood,” says Nina.

Hopkins Street Bakery [East Bay]
1584 Hopkins Street, Berkeley

Board Link: Berkeley–Hopkins Street Bakery’s morning buns and more

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