The best thing about Chowhounds is how they dig for great chow. A cruddy ambience, a grotty restroom—such things are small change to the hound in search of underrated grub. Well, TomH has done his Chowish duty, extracting a shining diamond from a dust heap: great barbecue at “dingy” and “dark” Fenway standby Copperfield’s on game days, smoked off-site by a guy who seems to know his stuff.

“Of all of the places to find some good BBQ I have to say Copperfield’s was the LAST place I was expecting it,” says Tom. But: “Having had one or two beers I could no longer resist the temptation and decided to walk over to the small stand to see what the guy had for food. I was pretty impressed by his descriptions of how he prepared and smoked the different items he was offering. After trying a sample of the pulled chicken and pulled pork I decided to go with the juicy looking brisket. I must say I was pretty blown away with the quality, flavor (a nice smoke ring), and freshness of the food.”

Each sandwich is $7 and homemade sauce is available on the side.

Copperfield’s [Fenway]
99 Brookline Avenue, Boston

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