I haven’t lived in Paris for almost four years, and yet friends and family are constantly asking for food and restaurant recommendations. Of course I have my favorites, which I happily share with them, but it’s always a niggling reminder that I haven’t been back to these places in a long time and that I have little pulse on what’s current in the Parisian food world besides checking in on a few blogs once in a while.

In comes Paris by Mouth, the brainchild of Meg Zimback, a newly launched website that has an impressive array of contributing writers, including Dorie Greenspan, Alexander Lobrano, and even Paris-based Chowhounds John Talbott and Julot, a.k.a. Souphie. With restaurant reviews, a list of where to find upcoming food and wine events, and even a function that lets you filter restaurants by arrondissement and day of the week, it’s a great interactive guidebook on how best to fill your stomach. Each restaurant listing includes hours, telephone number, metro stop, reservation policies (trés important in France), and links to reputable reviews.

I spent my Saturday morning browsing through page after page of reviews and photos, excited to hear about new finds and relieved to see old standards still living up to their reputations. It’s great armchair travel, until the next time you find yourself in a Parisian armchair.

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