Most people interested in local and organic eating have the basics down pat: Stay out of the center aisles of the grocery store, sign up for a CSA, visit farmers’ markets. But those simple systems tend to break down under anything besides day-to-day conditions, say, when you need to bring hot dogs to a barbecue or a birthday cake for your kid. It just seems easier to stop by the grocery store for something nonsustainable and factory-farmed.

Want to avoid such embarrassing ball-droppings? Frequent the Eat Well Guide for advice. This astonishingly large compendium of local and sustainable merchants is searchable by keyword, city, or ZIP code, or by categories: halal, grass-fed, organic, and the like. Thus you can find that local farmers’ market with pastured beef or a bakery with gluten-free birthday cakes for your celiac sister.

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