What with the popularity of vegan manifesto/fake diet book Skinny Bitch, the intersection between veganism and feminism has been taking a bit of a beating lately. Julie Klausner’s takedown of the book in Salon gets to the heart of why even those sympathetic to animal rights issues are a tad leery of the tome:

[T]he authors’ advice accounts for much of the book’s humor, including quips like ‘you need to exercise, you lazy shit,’ ‘coffee is for pussies’ and ‘don’t be a fat pig anymore.’ It was a formerly anorexic friend of mine who nailed it when she read excerpts from the book. ‘When you have an eating disorder,’ she told me, ‘that’s the voice you hear in your head all the time.’

Now from Portland, Oregon, comes the news that the nation’s first vegan strip club, Casa Diablo, is open for business. The dancers wear no leather, fur, silk, or wool (wool stripper costumes? That makes me itchy just thinking about it!), and the menu boasts “no-frills” Mexican entrées that lean heavily on vegan soy and wheat meats. According to owner Johnny Diablo, “We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”

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