Culinary instructor Haley Nguyen just opened Xanh Bistro in Fountain Valley. It’s a small, rather upscale place with good food, although the staff is still a bit green, says whiteonricecouple.

Claypot white fish is moist and delicious, with garlicky mustard greens. Banana blossom salad is tossed with a thrillingly bold, sweet-salty-sour dressing, and served with chicken skewers infused with lime leaves.

Green mango salad with shrimp is enjoyable, and tender short ribs come with a well-placed touch of five-spice powder, says bsquared2.

Cold soy milk with toasted rice is like Vietnamese horchata, and the dessert menu features dishes such as chocolate soufflé with ginger ice cream (needs to be ordered early). Vietnamese coffee, unfortunately, is a little weak.

Xanh [Little Saigon]
16161 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley

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