American Cupcake takes the cupcake concept several steps further than most, says Pei, into the realm of all-American comfort fare like PB&J (with housemade peanut butter and different types of jam or fresh fruit), mac ‘n’ cheese, sliders, even popcorn. There’s coffee by day and wine, beer, and cocktails by night. Order a cupcake flight, and you’ll get a cupcake with a drink in a matching flavor. It’d be interesting to see what would go with the bubblegum cupcake, which was one of Pei’s favorites. Lemon and red velvet are really good, too. The cake part is fluffy and moist, the frosting creamy. There are also mini cupcakes, candied apples, cotton candy, and fried Oreos. And the drinks-with-dessert theme continues with the beer float, featuring coconut porter.

American Cupcake
1919 Union Street, San Francisco

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