It is often said that many stews and other long-cooked dishes are better the day after they are made. This allows the convenience of cooking them ahead of time, which is especially useful if you’re entertaining. Querencia takes this a step further by freezing such dishes. “You will enjoy the convenience of having the stuff ready when you want it because you can cook not only for tomorrow but for next month,” she says. Her one caveat is that the texture of potatoes suffers when frozen, so avoid freezing dishes that include potatoes.

goodhealthgourmet maintains that dishes such as hummus and bean dips and blended soups, anything puréed that has multiple components and complex seasoning, improve with 12 to 24 hours of rest in the refrigerator. She explains, “Letting it sit for a while allows for a more harmonious flavor—you get a more subtle layering of the overall flavor of the recipe as opposed to tasting numerous separate ingredients that just happen to be in the same dish.” Refrigerated dips should come to room temperature before serving.

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