If it were truly fashionable to be a foodie, we might have seen a few Fashion Week models toting this oddly realistic pita pocket purse by Israeli photographer and designer Anat Safran on the runways last week. And maybe the kids on Project Runway would be making tote bags out of fabric emblazoned with smiley-face snack foods. Unfortunately, food-inspired accessories—even at their best—tend to be a bit goofy and twee. Still, there’s no shortage of foodie accessories on the Internets.

On Etsy, bags are decorated with Chinese food, ice cream cones, and even Technicolor bacon. And Fredflare.com carries not only a Hostess Cup Cake coin purse but also a taco makeup bag. For the crafters among us, Crochetville offers a pattern to crochet your own cupcake purse and Elkabee’s Fabric Paradise.com offers yards and yards of fabric decorated with everything from retro Jell-O molds to spicy tuna rolls.

Johnny Cupcakes, purveyor of cupcake-and-crossbones belt buckles, T-shirts, hoodies, and short-shorts, is the only place where you’ll find a bag that seems to be inspired by both baking and Louis Vuitton. The Kitchen Handbag (priced at $249.99) is a cute black-and-white leather number, decorated with a detailed pattern of rolling pins, oven mitts, spatulas, and whisks. At last—a taste of foodie couture.

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