With four Oscar nominations, Juno is this season’s “It” indie. There is one element of the film that is cuter than Michael Cera and quickly becoming as popular as the movie itself: the hamburger phone. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, demand for the burger-shaped phones on eBay has jumped more than 750 percent since November. And on the make-your-own site Instructables, Myakura was disappointed that his Juno-style hamburger phone was attached to a cord that “kept the little hamburger grounded to a 5 foot radius from the wall outlet like lindsey lohan under house arrest.” So he posted a slideshow illustrating how he modded his landline hamburger into a cell phone using his trusty Dremel.

Fake burgers, in fact, have been showing up everywhere, from the aforementioned filmic telephony to the handicrafts world. And if you need the perfect place to store your faux burgers, make sure to look into this bento-style burger lunchbox.

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