Apparently, the Wendy’s online nutrition meter limits you to a mere nine Baconators when you calculate the impact that your delicious Wendy’s meal will have on your frail human body.

And whom do we have to thank for this little tidbit? The nutritional scientists over at the regularly hilarious RiffTrax Blog, home to one of the two main splinter cells of former Mystery Science Theater 3000 performers and writers.

Quoth the RiffTraxians:

You can click on the below thumbnail for the full ‘nutritional’ content of the nine Baconator meal, (aka ‘The Number “I give up”’ on the Value Menu), but some of the highlights are 7500 calories, 461 grams of fat and an impressive 140 percent of your Vitamin A. The multi-vitamin industry is quaking…

The screen shot tells quite a lot of the story all by itself.

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