The search for great kimchee jjigae is finally over, says 10foot5. He was blown away by the kimchee jjigae—spicy stew with beef, tofu, and kimchee—at Jong Ga House. “The flavors are intense and complex. And addictive.”

They have a great banchan selection, and really nice folks, says Hunicsz. They actually tout themselves as mushroom specialists. Their mushroom dishes are indeed excellent, but so is much of the rest of their menu. The real standout mushroom dish, though, is a wonderful stew of pork belly with at least four kinds of mushrooms. “The different textures of the mushrooms combined with the unctuous, melting pork belly and the incredible earthy depth of flavor made this dish out of this world.”

Kimchee bok um bap (kimchee fried rice) and kimchee jun (kimchee pancake) are both good but lack the spicy punch of that glorious kimchee jjigae, says 10foot5.

Jong Ga House [East Bay]
372 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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