Bringing leftover soup—or a salad with a bit of homemade dressing on the side—always makes a great workday lunch … unless the contents of your meal spill all over your bag during your commute. For a while, Epicurious editor Lauren Salkeld was double-bagging her Tupperware, but now she’s obsessed with a sturdy line of leftover containers called Snapware:

The containers I have come from Snapware’s MODS collection and feature a silicone seal, plus latches on all 4 sides, which make them 100% airtight and 100% watertight. Finally, I can stop worrying. The other night, in a particularly clumsy moment, I dropped a Snapware container full of salad dressing onto the kitchen floor. There was no spillage, no mess, and for me, no panic.

Sounds like a lunchtime dream come true, but one commenter warns that the Snapware will “stop sealing correctly after a while.” Another reader recommends the Glad twist-top containers, but unless I’m missing something, it seems that Glad makes the containers with interlocking lids while Rubbermaid is behind the leakproof TakeAlongs Twist & Seal. Another commenter chimes in:

I have seen this snapware brand and the Lock & Lock feel a bit more heavy duty. Also, for the anal retentive chef, they do not slope inwards (i.e., all right angles) meaning they don’t waste valuable space at the base in your fridge. Tetris fans will love them!

Apparently, whether or not you’re a fan of old-school Nintendo games, Lock & Lock containers are “the bomb.” Has anybody else tried them?

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